wren birdhouse
Stoneware pottery birdhouse page
Wren ceramic birdhouse. I make these houses with removable tops, bottom drain holes, and inside scratch lines for the babies' exit. Check for availability.

Our stoneware pottery bird feeders are great for sunflower seeds and mixes. They have four perches and are held up with a wire hanger. The bottoms have drain holes, and the tops slide up for ease of filling. Call for pricing/availability.
Functional stoneware Pottery by Jan Keck
We have four styles of hummingbird feeders. One is the typical glass spout and our new design which does not drip and the birds drink from holes in the bottle. The humming birds love it, and I have also had Baltimore Orioles and Woodpeckers on mine. $20-$28
Here is our new grape jelly/orange feeder for the Baltimore Orioles. Half an orange can sit in the bowl. The birds also love grape jelly. $16.00
Soap Dishes - Two styles $6-$18
Men's Shave Mug Kits. Two styles. Includes soap, shave mug, and brush. $20
Tooth Brush Holders $22
Yarn Bowl - Knitters and crocheters will love these. The yarn is held securely, feeds easily, and has a great look at the same time. $35 & up
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