flower leaf imprint botanical stoneware pottery
botanical flower leaf impression pottery
flower leaf imprint pottery
Botanical leaf imprints
grape vine imprint
lavender imprint mug
botanical imprint mug
serving bowl and plate
wheat serving dishes
hemlock serving plate
botanical pottery leaf imprints page
flower leaf imprint botanical stoneware pottery
blackberry imprint stoneware pottery platter
herb imprint stoneware pottery platter
coral bell botanical imprint platter
Our botanical imprinted pottery begins with a stroll through our gardens to select flowers, leaves and plant materials. Most of these pieces are made by impressing the natural material directly into the stoneware. We love our gardens and the beauty of nature and strive to let this be reflected in our work.
Our Ohio Seasons decide what plant materials are available in my gardens when I create the pottery, so a particular impression is only available during the plant's growing season. Also, the great thing about our botanical pottery is that no two pieces are ever the same. Please keep this in mind when viewing the pictures. The pieces will be similar but can in no way be exactly the same.
Lavender & Maple
Maple Leaf Luminary Carving
Grape vine & grapes
Lavender & Morning Glory
Morning Glory
Maple & Fern
Wild Flowers
Lavender Sentiment Bowl
Functional stoneware Pottery by Jan Keck
Hemlock Wedding Bowl
Blackberry Platter
Herb Platter
Coral Bell Platter
Dogwood Sentiment Bowl
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