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Flower Arranger page
Bringing in fresh flowers from the garden is such a joy. We created our flower arrangers with decorative holes (built in flower frogs) to make flower arranging easier. The ceramic pottery flower arranger allows you to quickly make beautiful floral arrangements that stay in place. $20 to $40 small to large
3 in 1 Arranger
I absolutely love this versatile dish. Here are some of the uses:
1. Flower Arranger in the center with room on the outside for floating candles;
2. Fresh fruit, vegetable, bouquet arranger with room on the outside for additional fruit or dips (also good for shrimp & cheese);
3. Candle luminary in the center with fresh flowers, floating candles, h'ordeuvres.
Comes with "Owner's Manual"
Regular glaze $38; Botanical imprint $45
Functional stoneware Pottery by Jan Keck
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