Dip cooler serving ware
Dip warmer serving dish
handmade wheel thrown dip plate
tableware serving bowl
dip platter
soup toureen  serving dish
serving plate ceramic
Dinnerware plate
stoneware mugs
Wheel thrown serving platter
Stoneware Pottery Tableware Serving
berry bowl serving ware
pottery wine glass holder
Dip Coolers are great for entertaining and buffets. Ice water goes into the bottom piece and keeps the top bowl cool . Also works with hot water in the bottom for warm dips such as cheese sauses. $38
Dip warmers keep your chocolate, carmel, or cheese dips warm for a long time and look great on a table with their tea lite glowing. The pots come with an "Owner's Manual" containing great recipes. $40
Soup Tureens are a festive serving dish. They can be used for either warm or cold foods. (Not just for soup) $70 & up
Dip platters are wonderful to make veggie or ftuit trays on as well as serving chips, crackers, and dip. The attached bowl will not move while dipping. Small $35. Large $45
Bowls come in the approximate sizes of 6"; 7" and 9" In addition to their many normal uses, they are also wonderful for baking a round loaf of bread. The center of the bread can be scooped out with the bowl and bread shell used for serving. Regula glazes $12, $20, $30, Botanical imprints extra.
Sentiment Bowls. You will love having this bowl in your kitchen. They also make fabulous wedding and anniversary gifts. They are approximately 11-12" across. Regular glazes are $55; with Botanical imprints - $65
Plates and platters - Plates range in size from 8 to 11 inches wide, and platters are approximately 12 inches with side handles. I throw most plates and platters with enough depth that they can also be used for shallow baking dishes or for pie plates. Regular glazed plates range from $20 to $25 and platters are $40. Botanical plates start at$35. Botanical platters start at $45.
Mugs - Ahh, the mugs. We are so addicted to drinking out of ours.
We love them. We make a variety of shapes and sizes, so there is one sure to please you. Regular glazes $16, Botanical imprints $20
Friendship plates have been very popular with various botanical imprints. $50
Berry Bowls are small colanders to wash berries and fruit in. The plate catches any drips so you can serve directly from the bowl. $38
Soup bowls. I first made these as a custom order, and we like them so well we added them to our pottery line. $20
Personal dip plates. Great for entertaining. Customers are using them for shrimp and dip for two, olives and condiments, berries and dip. $18
Functional stoneware Pottery by Jan Keck
Wine bottle glass holder. This very popular pottery piece goes over your wine bottle to carry your glasses. Beautiful presentation. $25
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